‘Stop using saliva during sex’, experts warn

Lubrication, particularly vaginal lubrication is a significant piece of sexual arousal. It prepares the vagina for penetration and reduces any friction or irritation. In such manner, a medical expert has cautioned against the act of using saliva as a lubricant during sex.

Doctors warn that anyone with a mouth sore use saliva as a lubricant, the partner would be exposed to genital herpes.

He said different diseases that could emerge from using saliva as sex lubricant include Human Papilo Virus (HPV), syphilis, chlamydia and even gonorrhea among others.

The doctor said it could be worse for women as saliva could upset the vagina environment to cause vaginal or yeast infections.

“Saliva cannot even be as slippery as expected which can easily cause tear because it gets dried up easily. Also, if the person has bad breath it can cause horrible smelling discharge.”

The doctor prompts that couples ought to engage in foreplay before sex as this helps to create lubrication in the vagina. However, in an instance where foreplay doesn’t achieve the desired result, Dr Johnson proffers that one should get a lubricant from a registered pharmacy.

“So, the best thing is to engage in foreplay to get wet before the real action. But if that is not attainable, get a lubricant in registered pharmacies and not popular chemists around or people hawking drugs”