Stop at Nothing, Akorino man offering Full Body massage services urges Kenyan youth

In times of hardship, individuals often resort to unconventional means to sustain themselves, embodying the age-old saying, “necessity is the mother of invention.” Njoroge wa Ng’ang’a, a member of the Akorino faith, exemplifies this notion by embracing massage therapy as a means to combat unemployment and provide for his family.

Operating within Laikipia County, Njoroge’s massage services represent a relatively novel endeavor within the region. Despite the potential conflict with his religious beliefs, Njoroge saw an opportunity to earn a livelihood in an honest and modest manner, prompting him to venture into this field.

While some may question the compatibility of massage therapy with his faith, Njoroge remains steadfast in his conviction that one should not allow religion to hinder their pursuit of legitimate means of earning a living. He advises young people not to be overly selective when it comes to employment opportunities, urging them to seize any chance to generate income, regardless of societal perceptions.

For Njoroge, the key lies in nurturing one’s aspirations and pursuing them relentlessly. He firmly believes that no external factors should hinder individuals from realizing their financial goals, emphasizing the importance of unwavering determination and dedication.

Satisfied with his career choice, Njoroge finds fulfillment in catering to a diverse clientele, comprising both men and women seeking his massage services. His story is paralleled by that of Barkat Ali Manji, a young entrepreneur who transformed a van into a mobile barbershop, reaping substantial daily earnings of at least 30,000.

Catering to a high-profile clientele including politicians, celebrities, and business tycoons, Barkat’s innovative approach has enabled him to establish a lucrative business model. Operating primarily in Nairobi’s suburbs, Barkat offers his premium services at a competitive rate of Ksh3,000, thereby expanding his reach and solidifying his position in the market.