Samidoh sparks debate online about artists being kept by sugar mummies
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Samidoh Answers Karen Nyamu why he apologized after calling him a ‘softie’

Mugithi artist Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh says he wanted to apologize after having a relationship with lawyer cum politician karen Nyamu.

He has been in a long term marriage with his wife Edith and have two children.They both have a son together by the name Sam junior.

The Mugithi singer told Churchill that he had informed his wife before the public knew that he had a child while still married to Edith

“I gave my statement and decided not to dwell on it. There were people who were against my statement saying I was wrong to have apologized. But to me, sins do not stop becoming sins when you do them.”

Makosa itaishi kua makosa hata nani akiifanya. I have to accept my mistakes and own up to them.

Samidoh says his wife has been a significant person in his life especially in players.

Fans realized that the artist was Karen Nyamu’s baby daddy after she posted a video of him holding their child. Nyamu clarified that she wanted samidoh to acknowledge the so as his.

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