Irungu Kang’ata reward Top students from Muranga with a free trip to Parliament -

Irungu Kang’ata reward Top students from Muranga with a free trip to Parliament

Speaking after their trip on Monday, January 16, he stated that it was a way of motivating them and congratulating them for being top performers.

Kang’ata stated that the trip to parliament and seating with the Members of Parliament (MPs) will motivate the students in their next level of education as they join secondary schools.

Each top student from Murang’a public schools was lucky to be part of the free tour together with one of his or her parents.

He further picked one teacher from each school to accompany the students to Nairobi. 

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While revisiting developments, Kang’ata noted that there were various sectors his government was focusing on that would provide employment for bright students.

“There is a hospital we are building and we will need civil engineers we also have automation so we will need computer scientists that is why we took position one in every public school in Murang’a so that they can be inspired,” he noted.

“We brought them here to the parliament so that they be inspired as a way of improving education in Murang’a county as other students will also be motivated through this,” he added. 

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Murang’a county senator Joe Nyutu congratulated the students for earning the visit to Parliament buildings through their performance.

United Democratic Alliance(UDA) Secretary General Veronica Maina lauded Kang’ata and Nyutu for making such a move.

“We have accepted them and we are happy with the governor and the senator for that. It is a good move to see that our kids are getting a chance to be motivated.

They will be seeing that we are there to hold their hands and when opportunities arise children from Murang’a county will be on the front line,” Maina noted.

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This comes just a day after the government announced that Form One students will report to their new secondary schools from February 6.

Speaking during the Form One selection exercise at the Kenya Institute for Curriculum Development, Education cabinet secretary Ezekiel Machogu said the process was carried out in a fair manner, based on choice, merit, and availability of space.