Abel Mutua's wife bought me my wedding gown after knowing me for 2 months-Wakavinye -

Abel Mutua’s wife bought me my wedding gown after knowing me for 2 months-Wakavinye

Celestine Ndinda aka Wakavinye has claimed Abel Mutua’s wife was the person who got her a wedding gown.

At the time they had just been friends for a couple of months.

Talking during an interview with SPM Buzz she said,

“Njugush first met Abel then later met Judy. Through Njugush I met Abel and Judy. When I first met them I was a bit scared because I was in college, Judy was a mother and she was a working-class woman. But she was very welcoming.”

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“When I asked her to be my best couple we had only been friends for a few months. She is very sweet and is always ready to help. She took me to a shop to choose my gown and I told her I couldn’t afford it.

She paid for the gown yet we had not known one another for under two months. For that reason Njugush calls her co-husband.

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She asked me to get what I need and leave the rest to her. She however refused a refund.

Wakavinye says Abel Mutua and Phil Karanja have been extremely helpful in their lives.

“Abel has played a huge role in Njugush and I getting married. We were young and at the time we did not know why we were getting married. He advised Njugush to settle down before he blew up and girls started throwing themselves at him.”

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“Phil is like a big brother who we are accountable to. He really helped mold Njugush. They are friends I would never have trouble with them hanging out with Njugush.”

Njush and Wakavinye met while still in school.