Huddah Monroe: I Stopped Dating Congolese And Nigerian Men Because They Have Big ‘Cassava’ 

Huddah Monroe has candidly shared her cautionary tale about dating West African men, revealing that she ignored warnings from her mother and aunties. The socialite admitted to the advice given during her teenage years, where her family specifically cautioned her against getting involved with West African men, particularly those from Nigeria and Congo….CONTINUE READING

Despite the well-intentioned advice, Huddah chose to disregard it, embarking on relationships with Congolese and Nigerian men. However, she now reflects on the repercussions of her decisions, acknowledging that she learned her lesson the hard way. The petite socialite hinted at the physical aspect of these relationships, implying that Nigerian and Congolese men possess notable attributes that caught her off guard in the bedroom.

Regretfully, Huddah confessed, “I wish I listened; I didn’t until I knew. IYKYK (if you know, you know),” suggesting that the experiences were eye-opening and perhaps challenging. This revelation adds to Huddah’s repertoire of challenging encounters with men. In June 2022, she disclosed another chapter of her life, recounting her marriage at the age of 19, which endured for four tumultuous years. Her union with a drug addict eventually hit rock bottom, further illustrating the complexities of her romantic history.