” I Sleep With my Son Every Wednesday to get Richer” Mother Reveals.

Mother confesses to be sleeping with her son for him to be rich

Ajak, a woman from South Sudan, has revealed a startling confession. The 42-year-old woman has openly acknowledged having sex with her son.

Ajak and her son are currently residing in the Netherlands, where they have been having sexual relations in order for the son to save his fortune.

Ajak claimed that for the past 14 years, she has had sex with her son every Wednesday. The woman said that it was a requirement since, if she didn’t, her son would lose his money and die.

information gathered by a dependable source labeled as Newslex Point. She is the cornerstone of her son’s accomplishments, according to Ajak of the Dinka tribe.

She claimed that she often follows a witch doctor’s orders to give her son her naked body every Wednesday. His son received the fortune he possesses through shady means from the witch doctor.

When Ajak previously revealed the matter at church, she received prayers. However, things didn’t work out as planned, so she went back to being the guardian of her son’s riches. She kept up their sexual activity out of concern for the son’s life and future. Since 2002, Ajak has been sharing a bed with her son Abel.

The son’s transportation business had just begun operations and has since grown tremendously. Currently, he has a fleet of trucks, buses, and compact vehicles. The woman claimed that because that is where the charm was buried, it is customary for them to have sex there every Wednesday.