“Nilikuwa Nimewawuon” Larry Madowo To Those Accusing Him Of Painting Africa Negatively

CNN International journalist Larry Madowo has responded firmly to criticism surrounding his coverage of the floods in Nairobi, particularly addressing accusations of painting Kenya in a negative light.

In a robust rebuttal, Madowo harked back to a statement he made in June 2023, reaffirming his steadfast dedication to truthful reporting, rather than solely focusing on positive narratives. He emphasized that while Africa is often depicted amidst crises, it also boasts beauty and achievements—elements he endeavors to spotlight in his reporting.

Despite facing critique, Madowo found support among certain netizens who urged him to persevere in his commitment to impartial journalism. Nevertheless, accusations of bias were leveled against him by some quarters. Tensions heightened following his recent coverage of the substandard conditions at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, sparking both public and governmental scrutiny.

Madowo remains resolute in his approach to reporting, advocating for the portrayal of African realities, regardless of whether they cast a positive or negative light on the region. His guiding principle is rooted in the belief that journalism’s duty is to transparently present facts, nurturing informed public discourse and, ideally, catalyzing relevant action from authorities. This ethos resonated in his engagements with both supporters and critics on social media, where he reiterated his unwavering commitment to principled journalism.