Ngugi Wa Thiong’o Speaks On Serious Disease He’s Battling, Says Most Africans Think It’s Witchcraft

The godfather of African literature, Prof Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, has opened up about a terminal disease he is battling.

The legendary novelist, playwright, essayist and university lecturer has releaved he is battling prostate cancer which he was first diagnosed with in 1995.

Ngugi and Muriuki when they met on Sunday, August 13, 2023. [Source/MxM]

In an conversation with US-based Kenyan businessman and founder of African Coffee Club Mukurima Muriuki over the weekend, Ngugi said he decided to speak publicly about his condition to create awareness to African who perceive prostate cancer as witchcraft.

Muriuki said Ngugi expressed his admiration for Carey Baraka’s recent article in The Guardian which went viral in which he talked about his health condition.

“He wants readers, especially men, to prioritize their health and undergo regular check-ups. He appreciated how the article shed light on his prostate cancer, a hidden disease affecting many African men and misattributed to supernatural causes by society. “Amerogwa” people say, yet it’s prostrate cancer doing a number on the body,” Muriuki reported.

In a recent article published by the Standard, the Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature at University of California, Irvine said he shared his story with Baraka as a way of creating public awareness about prostrate cancer, as it disproportionately affects black men due to their genetic disposition.

The author said every black male over 40 years should go for medical check-up on his prostate once every year.

“If detected early it can be treated and thus prevent many untimely deaths. There is nothing to hide about prostate cancer,” Ngugi urged.