“Kuwa malaya watakupea Pesa,wazungu are nasty in bed” akothee advises Kenyan girls.

In a recent post that she has since deleted, Akothee claimed that the reason she attracts wealthy wazungu guys is because she is unpleasant in bed.

Most Wazungu men will drill you everywhere in bed, according to her revelations. Some of them have fetishes and are mesmerized by nasty behavior.

She claims that the majority of Wazungu males adore nasty, brainy prostitute types of women.

Akothee with one of her Mzungu baby dady.

She confesses, “Wanataka mtu mkitoka kwa kitanda uko na business concept.” She has been making fun of Kenyan girls for being excessively religious, saying they can’t find any mzungu men who share their beliefs.

Akothee has dated over 5 wealthy Wazungu men, 2 of whom are the fathers of her children. Why not trust her? Talk the topic of expert advice-giving.

Will our Kenyan females follow her advice to attract senior Wazungu cougars? Only time will tell.