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Native doctor invites police to arrest man who wanted to sacrifice his two children for money ritual.

A native doctor called on to the police to arrest a man who wanted to sacrifice his two children for money rituals.

According to a video doing rounds on social media, Ghanaian police arrested the man who is said to be the father to the children, police are seen apprehending the man at the herbalist’s house.

According to the herbalist, the suspect came to his home and requested to be made rich where he promised to sacrifice his two children for the ritual.

The suspect who was identified as Evans Oppong went to pick his daughter from school and brought her to the native doctor’s house for the procedure.

Narrating the incident, the native doctor said ;

“The girl’s father came to see me, he told me he just landed in the country after staying overseas for a while, and it hasn’t been easy for him.”

“He told me he is a father of 12 and is offering two of them for money rituals. He offered me GHS 10,000 and other good surprises when the job is done.”

“Sadly, he had just picked the daughter up during school hours and told her he was going to get her a new dress.”

“Yes, I am a herbalist, but I am also a military man. I am very disciplined. I don’t engage in any sinister activities. I want to prove to the world that herbalists are not as evil as they are painted.”

“We are not killers as is portrayed in movies, we are healers. I have the little girl he brought for me to kill.”