Wajackoyah invites Deputy president Rigathi Gachagua for a cup of Tea in Mumias

In an unusual turn of events within Kenya’s political landscape, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua crossed paths with former Roots Party Presidential Candidate George Wajackoyah and engaged in friendly interaction.

This intriguing encounter took place amidst mourners gathered in Nyandarua County during the funeral service of Priesthood Church Bishop JJ Gitahi’s mother.

As the service unfolded, Prof. Wajackoyah approached DP Gachagua, extending his hand in greeting and reminiscing on past encounters.

Expressing his surprise and delight, Prof. Wajackoyah remarked, “Today marks the beginning of my friendship with the Deputy President. Initially, I half-expected a rebuff, but instead, I received a warm handshake.”

Taking the opportunity, Prof. Wajackoyah extended a gesture of reconciliation to the Deputy President, acknowledging the broader scope of politics while affirming goodwill within Kenya. He invited Gachagua to visit Mumias and share a cup of tea with the Wanga people.

In response, Deputy President Gachagua assured Prof. Wajackoyah that he harbored no ill intentions towards him personally. However, he candidly addressed their previous discord, particularly concerning Wajackoyah’s advocacy for marijuana during the 2022 Presidential campaigns. Gachagua expressed concerns about the societal implications of drug use, particularly referencing their shared stance against it.

Despite admitting to his limitations in understanding certain matters, Gachagua earnestly requested clarification from Prof. Wajackoyah regarding his stance on marijuana. He expressed openness to learning and expanding his knowledge.

Prof. Wajackoyah’s presidential platform, centered on decriminalizing marijuana, promoting snake farming, and harnessing technology in agriculture for economic revitalization, was reiterated during the encounter.

In essence, this unexpected meeting between Deputy President Gachagua and Prof. Wajackoyah symbolized a moment of potential reconciliation and dialogue within Kenya’s political arena, highlighting the importance of communication and understanding across differing perspectives.