Jose Gatutura always Comes To My House To Eat Supper, I Also Visit Him often " Kareh B says -
Jose Gatutura Always Comes To My House To Take Supper, I Also Visit Him" Kareh B Narrates
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Jose Gatutura always Comes To My House To Eat Supper, I Also Visit Him often ” Kareh B says

In quite possibly the most intriguing admissions, Kenyan most promising female musician, Wangari Gioche, alias Kareh B, has confirmed that her friend whom they have done collaborations with, Jose Gatutura goes to her home to take dinners.
This has caused and online uproar among her fans and followers since the two have made a good alliance in music, that have revolutionized the industry.

Kareh B graduated from the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor’s in Public relations, after which she went out to look for a job. While still in school she joined the Kenya National Theater, where she attended auditions and successfully recruited into acting.

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It was during her acting years when she was brought into music by her friend, who urged her to go to a show which made her life have an important turn around. She therefore became a member of a band that always entertained Kenyans at night.

Afterward, she found her way into Tahidi High show, where she acted as a parent. Afterward, she was to meet artist Jose Gatutura, where they recorded their first tune which ended up being a super hit.

However, she decided to take some time off from musical collaborations in favour of pursuing a personal project. But in her confession, she affirmed that Jose Gatutura is her best friend. At the same time she affirmed that the musician always visits her home to take supper, while she also reciprocates the same by visiting him.