''Most Men Rejected Me So I Drugged A Man I Met In a Bar to Sleep With Me" Disabled Woman Says

”Most Men Rejected Me So I Drugged A Man I Met In a Bar to Sleep With Me” Disabled Woman Says

A lady who has been identified as Keruye has talked about the difficulties of living with an ailment that is yet to be known. The woman who opened up about how this has affected life to a point where she Drugged a man to get her pregnant asserted that it was difficult.

As indicated by the reports given by the lady, she claimed that she was a normal child until she got to the age of 16 when a painful rash on her knees began as a joke just to turn into her lifetime stress and torment.

“I was born a normal child and is was only after I got to the age of 16 that I started experiencing this sharp pain in my feet. My parents who were alive at the moment told me to wait in order to find out what was causing it. We went to a few hospitals and after that my parents could not take me to any other hospital due to the fact that they had run out of money and so, I dropped out of school. They died a few years later leaving me alone ” she said.

In her words, she claimed that her folks later passed on and left her alone. This was followed by an emotional scene after she decided to search for an alternative where she allegedly searched for a man, Drugged her after which he got her pregnant before leaving her.

As far as she might be concerned, she claims that the best thing she got in life is her daughter who is right now a teenager claiming that after her husband rejected her, she took care of the child alone. The one who got her pregnant later passed on.she urged anyone to help her raise money to get her an operation.