Hassan Mugambi Leaked Video Uniting Kenyans Link -

Hassan Mugambi Leaked Video Uniting Kenyans Link

Hassan Mugambi, a well-known media personality, has recently become a hot topic on social media due to his scandalous behavior that was exposed by blogger Edgar Obare, popularly known as the ‘Tea Master.’

According to a reliable source, who is close to Mugambi’s baby mama, the journalist has been neglecting his parental responsibilities towards his daughter, whom he fathered but refused to take care of even after a DNA test confirmed the paternity.

Furthermore, the source alleges that Mugambi engaged in an inappropriate sexual relationship with one of his baby mama’s friends. The friend even took a photo of him in her house while he was completely nude and sent it to the baby mama as a form of ridicule.

These shocking revelations have emerged after Mugambi introduced his fiancé to the online community, leaving many people stunned by the contrast between his public persona and his private life.