Kenyans unite to raise Sh325K for University student detained at KNH

A Pwani University student who was involved in an accident two months ago is currently reported to be detained at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) due to an unpaid medical bill of Sh325K. This distressing situation was brought to light by a Twitter user named KOT OCS, who tagged Mike Sonko in a plea for assistance in settling the bill.

The accident took place in March along the Naivasha-Nakuru highway, tragically claiming the lives of 17 individuals. Survivors of the accident have shared their harrowing experiences, recounting how they were advised to wear seat belts just moments before their bus collided with a matatu and plunged into a ditch.

KOT, along with other concerned individuals, expressed their willingness to contribute towards paying off the outstanding bill. Simultaneously, they posed important questions to the university regarding the detainment of a student under such circumstances.

User @_Sinei1 questioned the absence of a paybill number, suggesting that if the institution had purchased a TV, they should be capable of addressing this issue. Similarly, @mungalarobert raised concerns about whether the school bus was insured, prompting inquiries on how the insurance system operates in such cases.

@Josphat_001 pointed out that it should not solely rely on Sonko’s assistance, emphasizing the power of collective action in achieving great things. Building on this sentiment, @Thehunter_3 suggested that a paybill number should be established if the case is indeed genuine, as it would facilitate a resolution. They emphasized the significance of prioritizing health.

Adding to the discussion, @_stacey_cruz expressed disappointment in Pwani University for not taking appropriate action, labeling the situation as shameful. @ronahmles urged against excessive pleading, questioning the extent to which the community couldn’t come together to raise the required amount of 325K.

In response to these comments, @YvonneShanneyz_ proposed the creation of a paybill number, suggesting that Sonko could contribute additional funds to whatever amount is raised. The message concluded by humorously asking how KOT managed to purchase TVs if they find it challenging to handle this situation.

Overall, the Twitter thread highlights the urgent need for the student’s medical bill to be settled and raises important questions about the responsibility of the university and the community in such circumstances.