“Shameless Akothee Used To Tell Me To Pump very Hard Like Nelly Oaks” Omosh Narrates Marriage Tribulations,Curses Luo Women

Denis Schweizer, popularly known as Omosh, has officially announced his separation from Kenyan musician Akothee. This revelation was shared with his followers on various social media platforms, where he conveyed that, after careful consideration, they have mutually decided to part ways.

Omosh openly acknowledged that he feels inadequate in fulfilling Akothee’s needs, particularly in the bedroom, humorously referring to her as a “borehole.” He stressed that the decision to end his marriage with Akothee is a choice that both of them believe is in their best interests. Omosh recounted an incident where Akothee’s habit of walking around their home naked became a source of conflict, and he mentioned that she would occasionally compare him to her ex-partner, Nelly Oaks, leading to inappropriate comments about Luo women.

“After thoughtful consideration, Akothee and I have decided to part ways. Our shared journey has been filled with unforgettable moments, but we have now reached a juncture where it is mutually beneficial for both of us to pursue separate paths. Perhaps she will find someone who can meet her needs, as I’ve come to realize that one cannot quench the thirst of a borehole,” shared Omosh.

Omosh also expressed gratitude to their fans for the unwavering support they received when their relationship was made public. He highlighted that both he and Akothee will forever cherish the moments they shared and the personal growth they underwent during their time together. Omosh appealed to the public for understanding, respect, and privacy as they navigate this transitional period.

In a subsequent post, he reflected on the tendency of people to underestimate the value of those in their lives until they are no longer a part of it, leading to feelings of sorrow and regret.