A Lady Narrates How She Caught Her House Maid Breastfeeding, Torturing Her newborn Baby

A mother is grappling with profound regret after hiring a 38-year-old nanny to care for her two children, only to discover that the domestic worker had been subjecting her toddler to horrendous mistreatment, including breastfeeding the child against her will.

Agnes Gachambi shared her harrowing experience with Lynn Ngugi on YouTube, recounting how the nanny she had hired through her local Mama Mboga turned into a nightmare for her one-year-old daughter within just a week of employment.

Gachambi revealed that the house help not only physically tortured her young daughter but also engaged in the disturbing act of forcefully breastfeeding her. Additionally, she recounted how the nanny would leave the toddler to cry incessantly and even attempted to harm her by forcing food into her mouth.

Initially, everything seemed fine until Gachambi noticed a mark on her baby’s head one Thursday evening. When she inquired about the injury, the nanny claimed it was a result of the child falling while playing with her older brother.

However, suspicions grew, and Gachambi and her husband decided to install CCTV cameras around the house during the nanny’s off-hours. After reviewing the footage, Gachambi was horrified by what she witnessed and made the painful decision to quit her job immediately, prioritizing the safety and well-being of her children.

“I choose my kids first,” Gachambi conveyed to her boss the night she discovered the torment her toddler had endured at the hands of the nanny.

Despite the traumatic ordeal, Gachambi chose to let the nanny go and forgave her because of the house help’s own children, not wishing for them to suffer.

The experience had a profound impact on both Gachambi and her daughter, leaving them traumatized, according to counseling psychologist Kate Kioko, who also appeared on the show. She noted that Gachambi’s decision to return to work marked progress but emphasized the need for support and counseling for parents who go through such distressing experiences.