“Siezi Cheat Mimi Mjulus Yake Imetosha”:Kabi Wa Jesus Claims He Will Forever Be Faithful To Wife

Kenyan YouTuber Kabi Wa Jesus has made a steadfast declaration that he remains unwaveringly loyal to his wife under any circumstance, going so far as to block any advances from women who try to pursue him. Married to Milly Wa Jesus with two children, the couple has become emblematic of relationship excellence, showcasing glimpses of their life that leave their audience in awe, particularly with their stylish and coordinated attire.

In an exclusive interview with Oga Obinna on YouTube, Kabi openly admitted to taking measures to preserve his fidelity by blocking women who attempt to engage him in flirtatious conversations, firmly asserting his commitment to his wife, Milly.

Kabi and Milly’s portrayal of a power couple has garnered them a substantial following on social media, where Kabi remains transparent about his family life, earning him admiration from netizens.

Reflecting on his journey, Kabi disclosed during a Q&A session that prior to meeting Milly, he had been in relationships with other women. However, upon finding Milly, he found a sense of completeness, affirming that she is more than enough for him. He adamantly expressed that the idea of entertaining the thought of flirting with another woman, let alone marrying one, is inconceivable to him.