“Akothee Niko Ready Nikuje Nikutoe Nyege kabisaa, Tunajua Omosh Alikuwa Na Toothpick Hafikishi”, Andrew Kibe Tells Akothee

The ongoing dispute between Esther Akoth, widely known as Akothee, and Andrew Kibe, both renowned for their assertive personas, has reached an unsettling pinnacle. The genesis of this discord can be traced back to Kibe’s comparison of Akothee to Millicent Omanga, coupled with disparaging remarks about her wedding, wedding makeup, and her spouse, Omosh. After some reflection on Kibe’s critique,

Akothee eventually chose to address the issue a week later. However, her response on her official Facebook page lacked courtesy, as she branded Kibe a failure with a diminished libido, employing crude language to insult him.

In retaliation, Kibe counterattacked Akothee, oblivious to the storm he was about to unleash. He insinuated that Akothee had nothing positive to offer, citing her choice of a younger white man as a spouse. Kibe further went on to offer to assume Omosh’s marital duties, suggesting that Akothee’s husband was inadequate for the role. Shockingly, Kibe even expressed his willingness to fly from the USA to meet Akothee’s conjugal needs, satisfy her, and promptly return.

Kibe proposed that the most effective way to silence Akothee and curb her influence on Kenyans was to provide her with a “good cucumber.” He advised her to redirect her focus towards her husband and refrain from engaging in online conflicts with individuals he deemed as losers.

In summary, the feud between Akothee and Kibe has reached unacceptable levels, with both parties engaging in inappropriate and derogatory exchanges. It would be in the best interest of both individuals to bring an end to this conflict and move forward amicably.