Moya David Announces He is Selling Moya City Spa for Ksh 4.5 Million

Kenyan dancer and content creator, Moya David, has made an exciting announcement regarding the sale of his esteemed establishment, Moya City Spa. This luxurious spa, located on Ngong Road in Applewood Adams, is now available for purchase, catering to beauty enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. With a price tag of Ksh 4.5 million, this spa offers an extensive range of services including massage, facials, waxing, as well as a barbershop providing grooming services like manicures, pedicures, and hairdressing, among others.

The grand opening of Moya City Spa took place in July 2022, with a ceremonious event attended by influential personalities such as Simon and Sarah Kabu, CEOs of Bonfire Adventures, and renowned influencer Azziad Nasenya. During this momentous occasion, Moya David expressed his profound gratitude, stating that the establishment of the spa was a lifelong dream realized. As an individual who had faced numerous challenges in life, he opted not to squander his earnings when he found himself in the limelight. Instead, he chose to invest wisely, with the spa being a significant part of his entrepreneurial ventures.

Moya David took immense pride in personally funding the entire business, deliberately excluding any partnerships. This deliberate choice led to the spa being named Moya City Spa, as he desired to experience the gratifying sensation of sole ownership. One of his aspirations before reaching the age of 25 was to achieve several notable accomplishments, and the establishment of the spa served as one of these milestones. Although the exact financial figures were not disclosed, Moya revealed that the investment amounted to several million units of currency, with the funds primarily sourced from his pre and post-fame savings.

Adding to his portfolio of ventures, Moya recently introduced his own company, Moya Surprises Limited. This new enterprise is dedicated to organizing surprises and delivering heartfelt gifts to loved ones on special occasions. In addition to his business endeavors, the dancer also established a foundation with a core focus on assisting individuals dealing with genuine hardships and real-life challenges.

Moya David’s decision to sell Moya City Spa presents an opportunity for those who share his passion for beauty and entrepreneurship to seize an established and thriving business. With its diverse range of services and prime location, the spa holds the potential for continued success and growth under new ownership.