Krg the Don: Andrew Kibe and Stivo Simple Boy wanakaa‘ Chimpanzees’ Wazee

The ongoing online feud between Krg the Don and Andrew Kibe, along with Stivo Simple Boy, shows no signs of resolution. Krg continues to hurl insults at the two celebrities, expressing his disdain for their public criticisms of him. Andrew Kibe has been particularly vocal in his derogatory remarks towards Krg the Don, and it appears that he has no intentions of letting up on the insults anytime soon.

As for Stivo Simple Boy, he found himself entangled in a conflict with Krg the Don when he posted on his Instagram claiming ignorance about Krg. This was interpreted as a way to belittle Krg, further escalating the tension between them.

Krg, not one to tolerate insults, retaliated against both Kibe and Stivo Simple Boy. He labeled them as the only human Chimpanzees he recognizes, showcasing official documents from the national government and KWS. In a defiant move, Krg asserted that he has received approval to establish a zoo and house wild animals, including individuals like Andrew Kibe and Stivo Simple Boy, whom he likens to Chimpanzees.

In spite of the offensive language used, Krg the Don remains unapologetic. His wealth seemingly affords him the luxury of expressing his opinions and feelings without reservation. He stands out among Kenyan celebrities as someone unafraid to confront online trolls directly, demonstrating a readiness to engage in online battles on his own terms.