Ssaru Opens Up on Marrying Trio Mio.

There have been rumors circulating online for quite some time that Kenyan rappers Triomio and Sylvia Ssaru are secretly dating. Many Kenyans have observed that the two artists have a strong chemistry and appear cute together whenever they are seen together.

Both Triomio and Sylvia Ssaru are relatively young, with Triomio being 19 years old and Ssaru being 22 years old. They have collaborated on several songs and have also been featured in each other’s music.

When asked about these rumors, Ssaru confirmed that she and Triomio do have a strong chemistry and are good friends. However, she stated that they are not currently dating. She did not reveal much more about the situation, stating that some things are private between her and Triomio.

Ssaru also suggested that the rumors may have arisen due to the small age gap between the two artists. She emphasized that people should continue to enjoy their music and support them, and that the future will reveal what happens between them.