Rapper Stevo Simple Boy Gets His Social Media Accounts Back From his Former Manager

Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy is rejoicing after reclaiming ownership of his social media accounts from his former manager, Chingi Boy.

In a video shared across social platforms, Stevo expressed gratitude following a successful dialogue with Chingi Boy, who consented to return his accounts.

“We’ve reached an understanding with my brother @chingiboy_mstado, and he has agreed to restore my accounts to me free of charge. I want to take this moment to express my thanks to everyone who has supported me. I love you all so much. Now, I’m back!!! Everything is going well!”

The duo shared a video together, showcasing their time spent reconciling. Chingi Boy emphasized that his friendship with the Mihadarati hitmaker outweighs any monetary concerns, including the previously mentioned Ksh 150,000 he had requested in exchange for the accounts.

Expressing his affection and support for Stevo, Chingi Boy decided to return the accounts to enable Stevo to continue his endeavors.

“My brother, I wish you nothing but the best. 150k is not as important as our friendship. Now, let’s get to work!”

Chingi Boy reiterated the strong bond he shares with Stevo Simple Boy and conveyed his heartfelt wishes for Stevo’s success.

Although reconciliation has been achieved, Chingi Boy will not resume managerial duties for the rapper. Instead, Stevo will manage his affairs independently, with the assistance of his director and friends.

Earlier this month, Stevo Simple Boy established new communication channels following a fallout with his previous management.

In a statement, Stevo revealed his struggles in regaining access to his original social media accounts, as his former management withheld the necessary credentials.

Chingi Boy asserted that he had paid Stevo’s former management, MIB, KSh 150,000 in an attempt to retrieve Stevo’s Instagram and YouTube accounts. Consequently, he expected Stevo to reimburse the amount.