Kimani Mbugua Ex-Girlfriend Speaks After Father’s Spiking Accusations

In recent developments, the mental health struggles of former journalist Kimani Mbugua have garnered increased attention, following his father’s allegations that Kimani’s drink was spiked at a party. This accusation has now prompted a response from Kimani’s alleged ex-girlfriend.

Kimani’s father recently shared distressing details about the onset of his son’s troubles, attributing them to an incident where Kimani’s drink was allegedly tampered with. He described how his daughter discovered unsettling evidence on Kimani’s phone.

“My daughter took his phone, went through it, and saw photos and videos of him at the party drinking, vomiting, and falling while girls were beating him up. Before that, my daughter told me she had seen a white substance in his glass,” he explained. These revelations sparked outrage online, with many blaming Kimani’s friends for failing to protect him.

One of those friends, social media influencer Mollage, indirectly addressed the situation on May 18 via her X account. She wrote, “Everyone involved in this will pay dearly, I assure you. As for my friends and lovers, thank you for checking up on me. I am doing well and with the people that matter. I’m alright.” Although she didn’t directly mention Kimani, her followers interpreted the message as her response to the accusations, expressing their support.

The accusations have also drawn attention to Kimani’s past relationship issues. On February 4, 2020, Kimani discussed his relationship with his then-fiancée, Michelle Njeri, with a local media outlet. He recounted how he proposed to Michelle at her workplace while she was unwell, and they were planning to wed later that year. Unfortunately, by 2022, their relationship had fallen apart, a situation Kimani attributed to his worsening mental health.

Kimani revealed that Michelle left because she could no longer handle his condition. “My relationship with my ex-fiancée ended and I was devastated. I was invested in the relationship although I had done so many things wrong. I had caused her so much pain, and, understandably, she couldn’t take it anymore. So she ended the relationship,” he admitted.