DNA for what? Karen Nyamu's Son Sam Junior Takes After His Father Samidoh

DNA for what? Karen Nyamu’s Son Sam Junior Takes After His Father Samidoh

City Lawyer and politician Karen Nyamu had posted a snap of her child Sam Junior who is truly progressing well. He is becoming big every single day. Her mom, has consistently given him love each day through her daily posts on the gram.

In her most recent post, Karen shared a brilliant video of the kid messing with her sister. Be that as it may, the sister if from a different baby daddy whom they headed out with as Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh took the throne.

Simply by taking a gander at him, we can see a total resemblance among them.

From the eyes, the hair line and furthermore the shape of their nose. No DNA is really needed to match with the two. Karen probably lost in this challenge if by any possibility it be a competition.

The two sweethearts consented to co-parent and to raise the kid. This came after Samidoh said that he would continue being with his first wife whom they have two kids. Karen on the other hand, claimed that she was not aware that he had a wife.