Yvette Obura: Why My Dad Didn’t Approve My Pregnancy with Singer Bahati’s Child Mueni

Yvette Obura, a renowned gospel artist, recently shared her journey through a difficult period when she unexpectedly became pregnant with singer Bahati’s child while still pursuing her university education. This pivotal moment forced her to pause her academic pursuits and confront significant familial challenges.

The revelation of her pregnancy came as a profound shock to her father, a man of strict military background. The news strained their relationship, leading to a staggering two-year period of silence between them. Yvette recollects her father’s deep disappointment, expressed through words laden with anguish and disbelief.

“My dad did not utter a word to me for two years. His disappointment was palpable. He couldn’t understand why his seemingly high-achieving daughter had made such a choice,” she shared, reflecting on her father’s reaction.

Yvette’s academic excellence had always been a source of pride for her father, who harbored lofty aspirations for her future. The stark contrast between her situation and that of her elder sisters, who hadn’t faced similar challenges, only intensified his disappointment.

In the face of her father’s disapproval, Yvette approached the situation with a remarkable sense of acceptance and resilience. “I had already started university when it happened. I had to pause my studies. Despite the circumstances, I found peace with the situation,” she explained, acknowledging her father’s military background as a contributing factor to his dismay.

Despite the tumultuous period, Yvette highlighted the positive aspects of her upbringing. Raised as the youngest among 14 siblings in a polygamous family, she learned invaluable lessons about harmony and unity—values her father instilled in their household despite the challenges they faced.