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Young “Team Mafisi” seeking to be Julie gichuru’s toy boy

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The rate at which “Team  Mafisi”
individuals are moving toward unmistakable more established ladies
is at an untouched high. We are not in any case beyond any doubt if this is on account of the economy is unforgiving or possibly the boychild is ending up more goal-oriented.

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Scarcely a fortnight after Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo reprimanded a youthful suitor , it has risen that media identity Julie Gichuru has likewise been propositioned by a young fellow for an undercover issue.

The previous Citizen TV news moderator is no ifs ands or buts a standout amongst the most captivating personalities to ever grace Kenyan TV, and it is obvious that she should have what’s coming to her of sentimental suitors.

One of her suitors, be that as it may, came up short by a wide margin

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subsequentnt to moving toward the wedded mother of five with a toyboy offer.

In light of the young fellow, Julie set aside her opportunity to school the young fellow about underselling himself in an open letter she posted on her social.

She wrote:

Dear Sir
Thank you for taking the time to share a comment on my platform. Allow me first to clarify that my name is Julie, not Judy.
I felt motivated to respond to your comment because you say you are working hard hustling in Qatar. I congratulate you for your effort. I also noted that you seemed to offer or suggest that you are available as a ‘toy boy’, allow me to say that’s not my thing, not at all. I am happily married to a Simba and by the grace of God we shall grow old together.

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While I do not judge your apparent willingness to be a ‘toy boy’ allow me to speak to you as a mother would to her son. We all start somewhere, very few are born at the top. Indeed, out of the few that are born at the top, many end up at the bottom if they cannot work hard and work smart. You are therefore underselling yourself and demeaning your own value through derogatory references to your ‘status’. You are a hard-working man, stand tall with your back straight and your head held high. Have pride in yourself. Focus your heart and mind on your goal and step by step, work towards it. There is no shame in hustling, I worked three jobs at one time in University, one of those jobs was literally hard labour, a twelve hour overnight shift in a baking factory. Indeed, there is no shame in your hustle, maisha ‘ni kujipanga my fren’. Fanya kazi kwa bidii, and take pride in that.

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Embrace and understand your value and stop offering yourself to women you really don’t know, and underselling yourself while you are at it. Take pride in who you are, make a plan and then live knowing that each and every person is special, is worthy, is of value because each of us are made in the image of the Almighty and HE knows YOUR name!

I wish you all the best on your journey of life,
Julie Gathoni Sumira wa Gichuru
PS: Please, do learn to punctuate. It will be of great help should you need to communicate with potential employers, business partners etc.

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