“You are so sweet to have sex with, sweetheart, unlike my wife,” I heard my hubby tell a woman he had lied to me was his cousin

Three months ago, I found my husband talking to a woman whom I did not know. I asked him who she was since he talked to her for almost an hour. He told me she was his cousin whom he had not met in over five years since she had moved abroad but she was back.

The problem began when he started talking to her every single day with the excuse that they were just catching up since they had not seen each other for a long time. The long calls made me doubt whether he was really speaking the truth.

One day, after work, I came home and found a lady seated in my sitting room and she told me she was my husband’s cousin. My husband was in the kitchen making some dinner. He came and also introduced the lady to me and said he wanted me to meet her so that I could believe what he was telling me. I was impressed that he brought her home and that cleared my doubts about my husband’s cousin.

We ate dinner and I went to prepare the guestroom for my husband’s cousin since I wanted her to sleep comfortably in our house. Soon after, my husband and I went to bed. At round 1am, I woke up since I wanted to go to the washroom and relieve myself but then, I noticed my husband was not beside me.

I went to check if he was in the kitchen having some water. Before I could look for him anywhere else, I heard sexual screams coming from the guestroom and at first, I even thought I was dreaming. I walked to the door of the room and I was super shocked to find out it was my husband having sex with the woman he purported to be his cousin.

“You are so sweet to have sex with sweetheart, unlike my wife,” my hubby said the ‘cousin’ while having sex with her. I was so shocked and my first instinct was to get into the room and beat them both. But then I remembered about a traditional herbalist my sister had told me about. 5 reasons why you shouldn't take back a cheating partner | Fakaza  NewsFakazaNews

His name was Doctor Mugwenu and he had amazing spell casting powers that could teach cheating couples a lesson. I immediately gave the doctor a call and ordered a sticking spell that could teach my husband and his mistress a lesson. The doctor was so swift and immediately, I heard my husband and the woman screaming that they were stuck.

I stormed into their room and they were all so scared to see me. They were in agonizing pain and my hubby was so sorry for his actions. An hour later, Doctor Mugwenu unstuck them by reversing the spell and I chased away that woman who I later came to learn was not my husband’s cousin. I decided to give him a second chance because he promised never to play such games.

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The Power of Magic Ring

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By wearing a Mugwenu Doctors’ magic ring, individuals can fortify their relationships and shield their partners from the allure of infidelity. The rings work by harnessing spiritual forces to instill loyalty, trust, and commitment within the relationship, ensuring that love remains steadfast and true.

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