“You are not sexy anymore! I don’t want you!” my husband of 17 years told me as he was dumping me for a college girl

A month ago, my husband’s attitude towards me started changing as he started treating me so bad and was so rude. He would abuse me every now and then and my efforts to try and find out if I had done anything wrong to him were all in vain.

We had been married for 17 years and not even a single day had I ever seen him behaving like that towards me. I tried booking marriage counsellors for us but he refused to attend the sessions and each and every passing day, my marriage was nearing its deathbed and this made me so restless.

One evening, he came home and he said he was leaving me for a better-looking woman since I had grown old for him and was no longer sexy for him. I tried to explain to him that I had not changed an inch and he insisted that he did not want to be with me. In Love Black Couple Images – Browse 437,068 Stock Photos, Vectors, and  Video | Adobe Stock

“You are not sexy anymore and I don’t want you I am going to marry a young hot woman,” he said while leaving. I cried so hard that night. I tried calling him to beg him to come back to me but he ignored all my calls. In that frustration, I called the marriage counsellor to tell her how things had gotten out of hand.

She told me the only way to salvage my marriage was through Doctor Mugwenu who was a traditional herbalist and could help restore a lost lover through his love spells. She sent me his number and I immediately called him. After he heard my story, Daktari asked me to see him in the day that followed.

I went to see him the day that followed and he cast the love spell which he explained that it would make my husband dump the woman he was dating and come back to me. A day after, I heard a knock on my door and on checking, it was my husband. 

He went on his knees to beg me to take him back since he was already missing me. He said he had dumped that woman after realizing I was the woman of his dreams.

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How to Win Back Ex After Rejection

Experiencing the pain of rejection and abandonment from a long-term partner can be devastating, especially when faced with hurtful remarks like “You are not sexy anymore! I don’t want you!” as they leave for someone else. However, hope is not lost. With the assistance of Mugwenu Doctors’ love spells, it’s possible to reignite the flame of love and win back your ex.

Mugwenu Doctors specialize in ancient African healing practices, including powerful love spells designed to mend broken relationships and restore lost love. These spells tap into the universal energy of love and attraction, influencing the emotions and desires of the targeted individual.

To begin the process of winning back your ex with Mugwenu Doctors’ love spells, it’s essential to first heal from the pain of rejection and cultivate self-love and confidence. By focusing on personal growth and inner strength, you become more magnetic and appealing to your ex-partner.

Next, consult with Mugwenu Doctors to tailor a customized love spell suited to your specific situation. These spells work by rekindling the emotional connection between you and your ex, awakening feelings of love, desire, and longing.

Through the implementation of Mugwenu Doctors’ love spells, you can gradually soften your ex’s heart and open the door to reconciliation. Patience, perseverance, and faith in the power of love are essential throughout this journey of winning back your ex.

Remember, Mugwenu Doctors’ love spells operate within the realm of positive energy and intention, promoting genuine reconciliation and mutual happiness. For consultation call: +254 740637248 Read more: