“You are an old woman. I will take away your rich husband and throw you out of the house,” a college girl threatened to steal my rich husband

My name is Eva and my husband and I were married for 20 years and we had created lots of wealth together. We had also had four wonderful kids and I was so proud of how far we had come in our marriage.

However, three weeks ago, I noticed my husband was using so much money from our joint account and whenever I asked him how he using the said money, he would say it was for his own personal needs. Not until few days later that I got word that he was spoiling some college girl with our hard-earned money and worse, he had bought her a car. I was also told he was sleeping with the young woman and even wanted to marry her as a second wife.

I was super mad because that young woman wanted to come and eat my hard work. I looked for her contacts and called her and asked her to stay away from my husband since I was his legal wife but that college girl had lots of guts since she told me there was no way she would do that.

“You are an old woman. I will take away your rich husband and throw you out of the house,” she threatened. I got a bit scared since I knew I was at the brink of loosing my marriage. I then remembered of Doctor Mugwenu whom my friend had told me about.

I googled his number and I got it where I ordered for a spell that would draw my husband way from that husband snatcher. He asked me to see him the following day which I did. After we met, he cast a spell that would make that woman’s life miserable and also cast another to restore my husband’s affection to me.

A day later, that woman called me while crying and said she was sorry for messing with me. She said she had wounds all over her body and was being tortured by acoustic voices. I asked her to stay completely away from my husband. My husband also started loving me again and last week he asked me to have a ceremony where we will renew our vows.

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