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Woman Who Was Stripped Naked By Rogue Boda-boda Operators Breaks Silence, Reveals What Happened

A woman who went viral after a video of herself being Stripped Naked by rogue Boda-boda operators has finally opened up about the incident that caught the eyes of Kenyans who called upon the government to look into the already increasing number of rogue Boda-boda operators all over the country before it gets out of hand.

In a news report that has been shared by a reliable source of information, the woman whose name is yet to be disclosed has revealed that she was driving along the busy road before one of the Boda-boda operators allegedly took a wrong turn. For her, she claimed that the man did this abruptly forcing her to run him over.

“I was driving along the forest road before a boda-boda operator came to my lane. He did it abruptly and it was in the process of me trying to avoid hitting him that u run him over. Sadly i broke his leg. I later got off my vehicle and was trying to find out what happened before his colleagues came and well, the rest is history. The accident happened a few days ago but only went viral after it was shared on the internet by several kenyans “, she said.

In her own, she claimed that even though this was an unfortunate event, she said that one of the Boda-boda operators who was at the crime scene helped expose the rogue suspects adding that else, this would have gone unnoticed.

This is happening at the same time when President Uhuru Kenyatta has ordered police officers to launch a nationwide crackdown on rogue Boda-boda operators in order to reduce the increasing cases of rogue Boda-boda operators who are constantly being caught harassing kenyans all the time.