Woman who keeps snake for money says she was attacked after cheating with another man

A Tanzanian woman has sparked a flurry of discussions across various social media platforms by sharing her unconventional path to wealth, one that revolves around the guardianship of a serpent. In a recent interview, Musa divulged her journey from financial hardship to the purported acquisition of a snake believed to possess mystical powers capable of generating wealth.

Musa’s narrative unfolds with the tragic loss of a loved one due to the burden of unpaid medical expenses. Faced with dire financial circumstances, she sought solace in a friend who introduced her to a specialist offering promises of prosperity through the care of a serpent.

However, Musa’s account takes a peculiar turn as she delves into the stringent regulations enforced by the supposed benevolent forces of the snake. These regulations notably include a prohibition on engaging in intimate relationships with men, a restriction whose defiance nearly cost her life.

Recalling a distressing episode, Musa recounts the snake’s sudden hostility, resulting in her enduring physical agony and disfigurement. She describes the profound difficulty of adhering to these rules, admitting to attempting to circumvent them in hopes of altering her circumstances. Yet, her actions only seemed to exacerbate her plight, leading to severe repercussions such as skin deterioration and the snake’s heightened aggression.

“It was a grueling ordeal. Initially, I fled in terror, but eventually, I attempted reasoning with it. However, each night brought forth a transformation, accompanied by escalating challenges,” she recounts. “I recall being advised to maintain a monthly liaison with a man, a directive I naively sought to exceed in a bid for change. Yet, it proved to be the most arduous period I endured. My skin began to peel away, leaving me resembling an aged woman, while the snake’s fury reached a crescendo, threatening to engulf me entirely,” Musa recounted.

In her tale, Musa offers a glimpse into a world where the pursuit of wealth intertwines with the enigmatic realm of mystical creatures, leaving behind a trail of both fascination and bewilderment.