Widow Explains How High Court Judge Defrauded Her In Land Suit

Widow Explains How High Court Judge Defrauded Her In Land Suit

A High Court judge is facing expulsion from office for gross misconduct and duping a widow in land suit.

For a case documented at the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) by the widow, the judge is accused of bribery.

The widow has upheld her case with a series of audio and video recordings of the judge an individual said to be in direct relation and a several people associated with the case discussing how to abandon the appeal that the widow had filed, as per reports by the Sunday Nation.

“From the surrounding circumstances, it is evident the judge was involved in fraud and is, therefore, unfit to continue being in office. I pray that the Judicial Service Commission considers this petition and forwards the same to His Excellency the President in accordance with the provisions of Article 168(4) of the Constitution,” the widow pleads in the petition.

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The anonymous judge was interviewed for the places of Chief Justice and judge of the Supreme Court.

For another situation, the same judge is said to have altered a land succession case over a parcel in Kwale.

The land was in the name of a company in which both the widow and the deceased husband held shares. However, the husband transferred his shares to the widow before he died in 2014.

A year after his passing, a diffrent lady applied for a letter of administration of the property of the perished and was duly allowed in 2015.

The widow challenged the rulling in court, but the said judge dismissed the case.

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“In so doing, the learned judge disregarded the glaring evidence of the ownership of the property and overlooked a basic concept of law on separate legal personality insisting on distributing the property to the respondent when the deceased did not own the suit property itself,” the petition states.

While the case was progressing, the land was moved and enlisted in the name of the judge’s sibling.