Why YouTuber Vincent Mboya left the country for a stay in Canada

Vincent Mboya, a prominent content creator hailing from Kenya, has recently embarked on a transformative journey by deciding to make Canada his new home, seeking a fresh chapter in his life.

Reflecting on his humble origins, Mboya shared the narrative of his transition from Mombasa to Nairobi, underscoring his beginnings with a poignant touch.

In a heartfelt declaration, Mboya highlighted his aversion to complacency, narrating how he arrived in Nairobi armed with nothing but determination. He expressed gratitude for what he perceived as divine intervention, aiding him in ascending to the zenith of his career.

However, Mboya acknowledged that the prospect of comfort bred a sense of fear within him, compelling him to make audacious decisions. “This is a historic day for me,” Mboya proclaimed. “The moment I sense comfort, that’s when apprehension sets in.”

Explaining his decision to relocate to Canada, he elucidated that it stemmed from a yearning to break free from his comfort zone and embrace new challenges. Despite recognizing the challenges of starting afresh in a foreign land, Mboya remained optimistic about the journey that lay ahead.

While the YouTuber refrained from specifying a definite timeline for his return to Kenya, he expressed uncertainty about when that might transpire. “Today is a historic day for me. I left Mombasa to come to Nairobi with literally nothing, and by the grace of God, I reached the heights I have. I am not one to embrace comfort. The moment I realize I have a house, a car, that’s when I start feeling uneasy. I have decided to venture to a new land and start afresh. It is not easy. When am I coming back? We will know; we’ll see.”

His decision to relocate follows a period of financial struggles, during which he sought assistance from Langata MP Jalang’o for rent. Despite facing challenges, Mboya later returned the borrowed money and went on to establish his own YouTube channel, garnering over 220K subscribers.