Why Rebranding KRA to KRS will cost us, Kenyan Taxpayers, Sh2.7 Billion

According to the estimates provided by Ms. Nancy Ng’etich, the acting Commissioner for Corporate Support Services at the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), the government’s plan to rebrand the organization as the Kenya Revenue Service (KRS) will incur a cost of approximately Sh2.7 billion. Ms. Ng’etich presented these estimates to the National Assembly’s Finance and National Planning Committee, explaining that the rebranding initiative aims to enhance revenue mobilization and establish a more service-oriented entity.

The rebranding project will be executed in two phases over a span of six years, with each phase estimated to cost Sh1.34 billion. However, Baringo North MP Joseph Makilap, a committee member, expressed concern about the significant expenditure borne by the Kenyan taxpayers for this rebranding effort. He questioned the necessity and justification for such a high cost.

In response, Ms. Ng’etich clarified that the rebranding process extends beyond a mere name change. It encompasses the transformation of systems and operations, as well as a shift in the organization’s reputation. The objective is to transition from an authoritative and distant entity to one that is approachable and customer-friendly. She emphasized that the move from KRA to KRS aims to make the organization more customer-centric.

The renaming of KRA was initiated during the 12th Parliament through the introduction of the Kenya Revenue Authority (Amendment) Bill 2022. The name change is intended to rebrand the authority, improve its public image, and subsequently enhance tax compliance by fostering better public relations and prioritizing the needs and rights of taxpayers, as stated in the Bill.