Why Mulamwah Spends Ksh.12,000 Weekly on Shaving His Hair.

Renowned content creator and comedian, David Oyando, better known as Mulamwah, and also recognized as a radio presenter at Milele FM, recently divulged the expenses incurred in maintaining his signature look through regular hair shaving.

In a rapid-fire interview with TikTok influencer Flossy Trukid, Mulamwah disclosed his grooming routine, revealing that he undergoes hair shaving three times weekly, at a cost of Ksh. 4000 per session. To him, this expenditure is trivial, reflecting his commitment to maintaining a polished appearance.

At the esteemed City Spur, where Mulamwah frequents for his grooming needs, the standard charge for a shave is Ksh. 3000. However, he generously tips his barber an additional Ksh. 1000 per session. Consequently, his monthly expenditure on hair shaving amounts to Ksh. 48,000.

Despite the substantial sum, Mulamwah, being financially prosperous, views this expense as inconsequential. His lucrative earnings from various ventures, including ownership of over 30 motorbikes and multiple business establishments, attest to his millionaire status. Moreover, he remains dedicated to reinvesting his wealth, exemplifying his astute financial management.