Why I Spent Sh. 7 Million On my Nyash Surgery’ explains Vera Sidika -

Why I Spent Sh. 7 Million On my Nyash Surgery’ explains Vera Sidika

Socialite and business lady turned musician Vera Sidika has been getting a lot of publicity lately following a misguiding post that she had undergone BBL surgery.

She has now come out to claim that she has never undergone surgery for her hips and behinds as they are all natural.

Speaking to Kiss 100 FM presenter Kamene Goro in ‘The Morning Show’, the newly self-made pop singer revealed that she spent a whooping Sh, 7,254,000 on cosmetic surgery on her teeth and her bust.

“All parts of me but I bought some part of me. You buy it, you own it. My hips and butt are real. I had a big butt way before I became famous. I wanted to be a bit more proportional…”  she said.

She further clarified where she underwent her cosmetic surgery.

“I got my boobs done at Beverly Hills and also got my teeth done. They are certified doctors. Incase of anything you can sue them. You get your money’s worth. I got this done three four years ago. It cost me 6000 dollars.”

Sidika recently made headlines after lying that she had reduced her butt.  She later came out to insinuate that she wasn’t sorry after fans said she made an insensitive publicity stunt.

“Y’all didn’t find it sensitive when people were mocking, laughing at me for having surgery complications. U even joined them,” she wrote on Instagram.

Going on to call out those people who had laughed at her ‘medical’ issue.

“But you find it insensitive that it was for attention. So it’s okay for you to laugh at my complications, not vice versa. Y’all can kiss my bleached behind.”