Why I had to bleach my face - Vitimbi Nyasuguta TALKS -

Why I had to bleach my face – Vitimbi Nyasuguta TALKS

Nyasuguta is just her acting name ,her real name is Eunice Wambui. She acted in Vitimbi show aired on KBC .

Recently, the talented actress Eunice Wambui, commonly known as Nyasuguta, spoke in an interview about her changing complexion. She first made an appearance with lighter skin at Mzee Ojwang’s memorial in July this year, causing surprise among her fans who were accustomed to her dark, chubby appearance in the comedy show Vitimbi. This change sparked controversy on social media, but Nyasuguta has finally explained the reason behind her bleaching.

Nyasuguta shared that she was involved in a terrible road accident about two years ago that left parts of her face damaged, affecting her skin pigmentation. In an effort to restore her appearance and even out her skin tone, she decided to bleach, with the encouragement of her mother.

“I was dented on the face and the dent was lighter than other parts of my face, making me look like I had two facial complexions. I saw it wise to bleach so that my face would have an even skin tone. My mum encouraged me, imagining a celebrity walking in Nairobi with dents all over her face – what would people think?” said Nyasuguta.

In conclusion, Nyasuguta’s bleaching was not a personal choice but rather a necessary measure to repair the damage caused by her 2013 road accident.

Five things you didn’t know about former Vitimbi actress Nyasuguta

1.Single mom

She is a proud mother of one son whom she adores so much and aslo a single parent

2. She is a kikuyu

Many were sirprised after learning that she was not kisii due to her acting accent as she imitated the Kisii accent effortlessly and flawlessly.

3. She acted in Tahidi High

During the first seasons of the show Eunice was among the First actors before exiting.

4. She bleeched her skin

She came out clean to say the reason behind changing her skin colour was because she had an accident in 2013 on the face which left so many different patches and this affected her confidence. Her mother was supportive about it and she had gained confidence with herself again.

5. She was into politics

Eunice had joined politics as she vied for Member of Parliament Embakasi South seat through a Jubilee ticket .she wanted to help youth by creating jobs for them.