“Who, me? I did not betray Ruto” – Kimani Ngunjiri Gives Reasons Why He Voted For BBI.

Bahati MP, a Ruto’s number one frontliner has denied claims that he has betrayed Deputy President, William Ruto after he voted Yes for constitutional amendments.

The BBI was yesterday, May 6, voted by a majority of the legislators totalling to 235 MPs, with Ngunjiri being among them.

His move to support the bill was a shocker to Ruto and his allies who have since labeled him a sell out.

“I voted without being influenced by anyone and that does not amount to betraying to DP Ruto. The Bill is good for Nakuru County and that is an important thing. I voted in support of the Bill but I still remain on the front line in drumming support for a Ruto presidency in 2022,” Ngunjiri stated..

During the voting of the bill, Kiharu MP, Ndindi Nyoro called out Ngunjiri and other Ruto lefthand men who voted yes for the bill.

“Mr speaker, I am Ndindi Nyoro and on the behalf of people of Kiharu, the people of Murang’a and the entire hustler nation, I say a big no, no to deception, no to conman-ship… And to those making noise, there is nothing you can do to me. Cowards,traitors, sell outs,” Nyoro said.

“Everybody is independent and I can’t say Kihara was right or wrong by voting No. She too has her own calculations which I believe are for the good of the people she represents,” said Ngunjiri.


“I have also come to learn that the government has sourced funds for procurement of vaccines. If such plans had not been made, I would have stood my grounds.

Ngunjiri speaking to the Standard on Today Friday, May 7, however maintained that he is still loyal to DP Ruto and the Tangatanga team.

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