White Lady Desperately Searching for a Husband to Marry, Offers Sh 700,000 as Prize Gift

Eve Tilley-Coulso, a 35-year-old Caucasian woman, has taken an unconventional route in her pursuit of marriage by offering a remarkable reward of Sh 700,000 million to anyone capable of assisting her in finding a spouse.

In a viral video that has captivated audiences, Eve has openly expressed her willingness to engage in matchmaking, coupled with the substantial sum she is prepared to offer for a successful marital union.

Having remained single for the past five years, Eve has voiced her eagerness to locate a life partner and embark on the journey of matrimony. While she acknowledges that the duration of the prospective marriage holds lesser significance, she remains steadfast in her commitment to honor her pledge of a Sh 700,000 million reward to the individual facilitating her encounter with a future husband.

During an interview with the New York Post, Eve divulged her preference for a tall spouse, citing it as the primary physical trait she seeks in a partner. Being tall herself, she has encountered insecurities from previous companions who urged her to abstain from wearing heels, a request that left her feeling unsettled. Consequently, finding a partner who embraces and appreciates her height has emerged as a top priority for Eve.

Despite confiding in her circle of friends about her quest for a life partner, Eve has yet to discover a suitable match through their efforts. Undeterred, she has extended her proposition to the wider public, hopeful that someone will step forward and fulfill her longing for companionship.