What Bold Passengers Told Raila Odinga After Boarding a Public Bus Today (VIDEO)

Azimio leader Raila Odinga surprised Kenyans today morning after he stormed a bus station in Nairobi and boarded a public bus to work.

Shouts of “Baba, Baba” rented the air after the Azimio leader unexpectedly arrived at a bus station in Nairobi. Raila then bought a newspaper from the crowd before boarding a bus at the station.

Inside the bus, Raila met several passengers who we believe were also on their way to work. The overwhelmed passengers bursted into shouts as they welcomed the Azimio leader into the bus.

Raila sat closer to two women passengers at the bus. The women could not hide their joy as they quickly used the opportunity to take selfies with the seasoned opposition leader.

After the bus had left the station, the Azimio leader engaged the passengers in a conversation about the current state of the economy in Kenya.

Many of the passengers expressed their disappointments with President William Ruto led government.

The passengers told Raila that the price of everything have gone up and that the life in Kenya is becoming so unbearable.

They also asked Raila to continue fighting for the rights of the common mwanchi, adding that economy will only get worse if Raila calls off the protests.

“Baba tunaumia. Ata maji tulikuwa tunanunua ksh. 5 saa hii ni Ksh. 25. Tunashangaa hii bottom up ndio Gani (Baba we are suffering. Even water that we were buying at Ksh. 5 is now Ksh. 25. We are wondering which kind of bottom up is this),” the passengers told Raila.

“Baba wewe ndio utatupigania. Husituwaache tuumie baba (Baba just fight for us. Do not leave us Baba),” one of the passengers added.

The passengers also expressed their excitement to see Raila in the bus as the bus made several stopovers to pick other passengers.