“Wewe Takataka” Gay Brian Chira Catches Feelings After Mulamwah Refuses To Take A Photo With Him

Brian Chira, a prominent TikTok star and well-known figure in social circles, recently raised concerns about comedian Mulamwah’s alleged indulgence in celebrity games. Chira recounted an incident that took place at The National Theatre, where Mulamwah supposedly declined to take a picture with him, leaving him feeling devalued, frustrated, and disrespected.

According to Chira’s account, he encountered Mulamwah at The National Theatre and eagerly approached him, seeking a joint photograph. Unfortunately, his hopes were dashed as Mulamwah declined the request without providing any clear explanation for his refusal.

Chira openly expressed his disappointment and anger, asserting that he considers himself a more prominent figure than Mulamwah and reminding him that he was among the individuals who contributed to his rise to fame.

To vent his frustrations and share his thoughts on the matter, Chira turned to his TikTok live sessions. During one such session, he criticized Mulamwah’s behavior, questioning why someone of Mulamwah’s stature would reject the opportunity to be seen with him. Chira emphasized his belief that he has surpassed Mulamwah’s level of fame, sarcastically remarking on Mulamwah’s supposed plans to build houses and questioning the purpose of his luxurious cars.

Furthermore, Chira disclosed that he had known Mulamwah before the comedian achieved fame and played a role in his success. He revealed that Mulamwah used to follow him on Instagram when he was just an ordinary person. However, now that Chira has gained popularity, Mulamwah refuses to associate with him.

Chira made it abundantly clear that individuals like him played a significant part in Mulamwah’s journey to success, emphasizing that without their support, Mulamwah would not have attained his current level of fame. He expressed his frustration, exclaiming that Mulamwah’s newfound fame seems to have led him to believe that he has achieved everything and no longer needs the people who helped him along the way.

While the exact reasons for Mulamwah’s actions remain undisclosed, it is evident that Brian Chira felt deeply hurt and angered by the comedian’s refusal to take a picture with him. As of now, Mulamwah has not addressed this minor dispute.