“We’ve only lived five months in marriage but it has turned to be sexless” A newly married woman says

A woman identified as Sharon 34 years of age has left many people talking just after sharing her
short experience in her five old marriage. As she says, things were just good a month after just
getting in marriage but it turned to be a sexless marriage later. Her husband always came home
early enough which was not an excuse to their sexless marriage as he was always relieved his
duties early.
“I actually did not know what was going on. I was always prepared to welcome my husband
home, something that most married women do. I would even ware seductive clothes just to
capture his mind and bring home close to me but he always found a way of evading sex,”
Sharon said.

As she says her husband always found a way not to have intimacy with her. Maybe he feared of
being a weak mam in bed, something she says was not true as they had earlier had sex
together. It reached to some point Sharon had asked her husband if it was good if they visited a
counselor but things turned messy. Her husband concluded that she was demeaning him.
“My last step found me at Dr Mugwenu, herbalist. At this particular point I had learned about Dr
Mugwenu via an article on a news feed. He offered me spells meant to change my husband’s
situation which worked after all,” she added.

With the spells they now enjoyed sex in their marriage. Unlike before where she used to beg
her hubby for sex, Sharon says things changed as it automatically came.

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