“We are stuck, he can’t remove his manhood from inside me,” my wife screamed as she was having sex with my 22-year-old nephew

Two months ago, my elder sister’s firstborn, George, cleared campus and since I was living in Nairobi and his family back in the village, he asked me for a chance to come to live in my home as he figured the next step in his life.

Being the good uncle I was, I spoke with my wife and we both decided to give him the guest room so that he could look for a hustle and start a life of his own. He came and since I was working in an advertising company, I asked him to join my wife in running our agro vet business before getting formal employment.

He would therefore spend a lot of time in the shop selling the merchandise and I was even happy that he had joined us since now I could fully concentrate on my daytime job. However, one evening after work, I found the shop had been closed and it was around 5pm. That was definitely too early as the usual closing time was 8pm and I, therefore, called my wife to ask where she was but her phone was off and also the phone of my nephew.

I tried asking the neighbouring shops if they knew where my wife and nephew were and they all said they did not. At that exact time, I received a call from my neighbour and told me that he had heard my wife and nephew making love in our house.

“They are both in the house, and they are so loud in their sex come quickly and confirm it for yourself,” the neighbour told me. I began shaking and rushed to see if it was true. I found the neighbour at the gate and he told me that the sex was still going on.

He immediately gave me Doctor Mugwenu’s number and told me to call him so he could teach the both of them a lesson for cheating on me. I immediately did so and the doctor cast a spell that would interlock them together.

No sooner had he cast the spell that screams started emanating from my house.

“We are stuck, he can’t remove his manhood from inside me,” my wife screamed. I went to the house and I found them together, stuck at their genitals and it was such an ugly scene but luckily, through Doctor Mugwenu’s spells, I was able to teach them, a lesson.

My wife started asking me to forgive her and since I loved her, I decided to give her a second chance. I, however, sent my nephew packing to the village. Tanzanian Traditional Wedding Styles – D&D Clothing

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