Wanyonyi, a Boda Boda rider in Bungoma and class 2 dropout, married a mzungu woman and convinced her to stay in the village (PHOTOs).

Whoever said that if the heart love, it loves forever was not wrong and clearly, love is a beautiful thing if you find your perfect match.

The above statement can be confirmed by one Carey Joy, a US Missionary who met her better half in a remote village of Bungoma County.

Joy is currently married to one Wanyonyi who is a bodaboda rider who initially did not know how to converse in English but was forced to learn the oppressers language to confess his undying love for Joy.

The two lover birds are said to have tied the knot in 2018 and are blessed with two cute babies.

The foreigner has already settled in and adapted to the culture of the Bungoma people.

Wanyonyi who is a class two dropout in a past interview revealed that he did not know how to speak in English but that did not stop him from expressing himself to Carey.

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