“Wait Until 20 Years, Bibi atakuwa 73 Years And Husband 53 Years atakuwa kama chimpanzee mzee” Kenyans Tell Esther Musila

The Kenyan public took to social media to express their opinions following Esther Musila’s response to a critic’s question about whether she could envision her son marrying an older man. The wife of a renowned gospel artist found herself in the spotlight when a well-known television network shared her tweet dismissing concerns about her son’s future partner.

In her tweet, Musila asserted that the matter was not anyone else’s concern, emphasizing that her son is destined for her and her husband. She confidently stated, “That’s my future son, not yours, so don’t worry about it.”

The couple, who have been married for a year, faces public scrutiny due to a significant 20-year age gap. Many people find the situation amusing, as societal expectations often dictate that the wife should be younger than the husband.

Some individuals argue that happiness cannot be bought with wealth and suggest that focusing on building a family, specifically having a son, should be the primary goal of marriage. This debate reflects the diverse opinions within the Kenyan community regarding relationships, age differences, and societal expectations.