“Wacha kuhongana bana”- President Kenyatta Censures Ruto Over Handouts.

President Uhuru has indirectly thrown a jibe at his Deputy, William Ruto for what he termed as corrupt minds targeted on the unemployed youths.

Uhuru who was inspecting the Thake Dam in Makueni County yesterday, July 9, called out Ruto for his Machiavellian ways.

A seemingly exasperated Uhuru told off Ruto for only focusing on giving handouts instead of empowering the youths adding that some leaders have no plans for transforming Kenyans.

“You must have plans. And you can’t have plans if you don’t think about the things that will help citizens to stand on their own,” he said.

“Kenyans don’t want handouts. They want to be given the ability to fend for themselves. That is the country we can say, have citizens who are happy for their country,” Uhuru said in an indirect attack on his deputy.

The DP has fallen victim of criticism over his Hustler Nation narrative and donations to churches.