Victor Wanyama addresses claims of being Morgan Bahati’s father -

Victor Wanyama addresses claims of being Morgan Bahati’s father

In recent days, a photoshopped image involving Bahati’s family has circulated widely across the internet, falsely depicting footballer Victor Wanyama as Morgan’s father.

Victor Wanyama has taken it upon himself to address and dismiss the matter. The former midfielder of Tottenham Hotspurs labeled the situation as nonsensical and urged for an end to such baseless rumors. He succinctly stated, “This unfounded speculation needs to cease immediately!” in his response.

This incident prompted Kenyan netizens on Twitter to mock Wanyama while resurfacing past photographs of him with Diana Marua.

Diana Marua’s Relationship with Victor Wanyama Diana Marua, the wife of singer Kevin Bahati, has vehemently refuted claims that she was once romantically involved with footballer Victor Wanyama, as implied by throwback photos that recently emerged online.

In a prior video that was observed by Mkenya Leo, Marua clarified the circumstances surrounding her acquaintance with Wanyama. She explained that they were introduced through a mutual friend and happened to spend time together, resulting in some casual snapshots. However, she emphasized that there was never a romantic connection between them.

Marua expressed her perspective, saying, “I encountered Victor through a mutual acquaintance, and our interaction led to us taking casual selfies and group pictures. Yet, instead of acknowledging the group context, certain individuals on Kenyan Twitter chose to magnify a single selfie, focusing on a misleading narrative.”

She further elucidated, “To clarify, Victor and I have never pursued a romantic relationship, and the idea never even crossed my mind.”

Diana Marua’s Party Lifestyle During the video, the mother of two also openly admitted to leading a lively social life prior to meeting Bahati. She acknowledged her previous inclination toward being a ‘party girl’ and acknowledged her enjoyment of socializing and having a drink while capturing moments in photographs. Marua candidly added, “I indulged in a vibrant social scene, and those who were acquainted with me during that time can attest to my exuberance.”

Marua’s clarification comes in response to recent scrutiny from Kenyan Twitter users, who delved into her past by resurfacing images of individuals she was associated with before her involvement with Bahati.