Vera sidika : I Pay My Househelp monthly Salary of Ksh.50,000 na nataka Kuwaongeza

Vera Sidika, also known as Veronica Shikwekwe, stands as one of Kenya’s prominent female celebrities, epitomizing a lifestyle of opulence and fame. Alongside her charming husband, Brown Mauzo, she resides in the lap of luxury, embodying her dreams.

As a multifaceted entrepreneur and with Brown’s musical career, Vera navigates a bustling life, managing numerous ventures while tending to familial duties. To ease the burden of domestic chores, they enlist the assistance of a nanny or house help. Vera, mindful of her employees’ privacy, refrains from showcasing them on her Instagram, respecting their wishes.

Remarkably, Vera compensates her house help generously, surpassing the conventional pay scale for such roles in Kenya. Disclosed by Vera herself, the minimum monthly wage for their house help stands at a substantial sum of Ksh. 50,000. This figure significantly exceeds the average earnings of most household assistants in the region, typically ranging between Ksh. 15,000 to Ksh. 20,000. In comparison, those venturing to work in Middle Eastern countries can expect remunerations ranging from Ksh. 30,000 to Ksh. 40,000 monthly.

Vera’s lavish lifestyle extends beyond her residence in Nairobi; she also maintains a mansion in Mombasa, necessitating additional support staff. Consequently, she employs more than two house helps to manage her expansive properties across both cities.